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9 Laurentian Lane Orillia ON L3V 7N9 CA

Petstyles Plus

Welcome to Petstyles Plus

chocolate lab furminator

About the services given to your dog...

The Complete

Full Brushout - discard undercoat to reduce shedding

Clip or Full Haircut - breed standard (suited to owners needs and requests!!)

Ears Cleaned

Nails Trimmed

Full Bath - 2 shampoos, conditioner (all professional products used to help your dogs skin & coat)

Fluff Dry, Touch-up Scissor work (if needed)

Grooming fees depends on the hair condition,styling and the size of dog. Some coats require more work and time

Call me for a price-check.By appointment only.

Specializing in small dogs Only ( 30lbs or less) 

Extra Services

Nail Trims $15.00

Extra $5.00 for Dremel

Flea baths extra $15.00

Medicated bath extra $6.00

Certified Dog Groomer,Fully fenced back yard, Petstyles Plus,9 Laurentian Lane